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Megan Meade

There are thousands of ERP blogs available now.

The ERP market is so filled with ERP experts providing advice on systems that it can often result in information overload for the reader. 

We’ve researched and read hundreds of ERP blogs to find which provides the best experience for the reader in terms of expertise, readability, and general usefulness.

We’ve assessed the blogs based on a number of factors, including:

  • The frequency of posts, and how up-to-date they are.
  • The content itself including how original, insightful and useful it is.
  • The writing style; how readable the blog is, and if it’s easy to understand.
  • How the blog is presented; the layout, blog design, and font choices.

There are 3 different categories:

Best Writer for anyone writing anything on ERP. 

Best Vendor Blog for any blog operated by an ERP vendor. 

Best Independent Blog for any blog not owned by a vendor but anyone else such as consultants, analysts, and enthusiasts. 

From our research, we’ve selected what we consider to be the top ERP blogs in each section.

Best Writers

Lisa Anderson (LMA Consulting Group) - Lisa is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group where she shares her specialist ERP knowledge relating to manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation. Lisa’s impressive manufacturing ERP expertise makes her blog full of interesting tips and advice. 

Efrat Nakibly (Priority Software) - Efrat is the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Priority Software using over 20 years of experience in global technology marketing roles to discuss the finer aspects of ERP strategy. With her eloquent writing style, her blog posts discuss the compelling benefits of ERP.

Glen Graney (QAD) - Glenn is QAD’s Marketing Manager for the Industrial and High Tech markets. He specializes in sharing no-nonsense, straight to the point articles on recent technology and trends in manufacturing ERP.

Leah Costello (Terillium) - Leah is a writer at Terillium sharing her expertise on distribution and inventory management providing businesses with a comprehensive overview of a multitude of topics in an easy-to-read format.

Dan Rundle (Worthwhile) - Dan is the CEO of Worthwhile using his extensive knowledge of software solutions to help others understand ERP. His blog posts clearly provide a deep level of insight into different topic areas including manufacturing, transport, and logistics. 

Jason Sheaffer (Crestwood) - Jason is an account executive at Crestwood. His blog posts specialize in helping you better understand your ERP software by answering all your difficult questions before you even think to ask them.

Samantha Hornby (Blue Link) - Samantha is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Blue Link Associates. With her breadth of varied knowledge, she creates engaging blog posts that make ERP topics digestible and understandable. 

Stephen Whitehouse (WinMan) - Stephen is the Marketing Manager at WinMan using over 20 years of experience in marketing software products to manufacturers and distributors to discuss all aspects of ERP. His blog posts deliver all the facts to help with the successful delivery of ERP.

Mark Hook (Brightpearl) - Mark Hook is the Vice President for Brightpearl using his knowledge to write about everything e-commerce ERP related. His straightforward approach makes growth goals and strategy improvements for retail businesses seem easy. 

David Vannoy (ProcessWeaver) - David is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ProcessWeaver with 30 years of experience in the sale and marketing of enterprise software and services. His blog posts delve into everything you need to know about ERP in shipping. 

Best Vendor Blogs

Rootstock - Rootstock’s team share their manufacturing ERP expertise, posting frequent insights on aspects of strategy, trends, and implementation tips for manufacturers. We particularly like the layout and readability of the blog! 

ProcessPro (from Aptean) - ProcessPro provides a high level of expertise for batch process manufacturers presenting easy-to-read blogs that make complex topics easy to understand. This ERP blog answers all the questions you never knew you had about process manufacturing ERP.

SYSPRO - SYSPRO is an industry-build ERP software solution for manufacturers and distributors. Written by a range of experts, their Smarter ERP blog brings creativity to ERP topics making them understandable through real-world comparisons. 

MIE Solutions - MIE Solutions is an expert for production control in the manufacturing sector and has a wide range of knowledge about streamlining processes. Their blog offers a variety of information and we found the quick tips section particularly helpful.

KeyedIn - KeyedIn’s blog raises many thought-provoking questions about a variety of current ERP topics specifically tailored for project management offices, professional services teams, and those looking to achieve business transformation.

Genius ERP - Genius ERP’s blog offers a wealth of knowledge on manufacturing ERP as well as the latest industry news. Their blog offers a variety of deep dives into specific functionality and features, as well as complex topics striped down simply in their back to basics series.

Epicor - Epicor’s blog features important topics discussing the future of ERP, alongside industry-specific articles created for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations based on their vast experience with these industries. 

Godlan - Godlan’s expertise in manufacturing, technical consulting and programming shines through in each of their articles. Their blog consists of timeless ERP topics, and helps you understand managing your ERP software by addressing everything you need to know about ERP in manufacturing.

Visibility - Visibility’s blog focuses on covering the all-important basics of ERP making it perfect for the software novice. Combined with Visibility’s knowledge of the unique needs of project-based, engineer-to-order, and mixed-mode manufacturers, this blog is a must-read for anyone considering their first manufacturing ERP.

Global Shop Solutions - Global Shop Solutions’ blog provides extensive knowledge of the latest topics for ERP in manufacturing. With more than four decades of ERP experience, Global Shop Solutions are the go-to for expertise in lean manufacturing and ERP.

Best Independent Blogs

Ultra Consultants - Ultra Consultants is an independent research and enterprise software consulting firm making manufacturing and distribution ERP implementation easy to understand with a range of comprehensive articles.

Enterprise Irregulars - Enterprise Irregulars are a diverse group of practitioners, consultants, investors, journalists, analysts and full-time bloggers who share a common passion for enterprise technology and its application to business. Their blog offers a wide selection of pieces from a broad range of writers.

Third Stage Consulting - Founded by ERP guru Eric Kimberling, Third Stage Consulting help clients, select, implement and manage organizational changes related to their ERP software and digital transformation initiatives. With a breadth of knowledge behind them, the writers frequently post original and insightful content. 

Enterprise Times - Enterprise Times is an online business technology magazine website written by a team of industry experts, their ERP section reports on the latest news in ERP. 

Clients First - Clients First help medium-sized enterprises by providing insights, advice, and news relating to financial, manufacturing and distribution systems. They share articles relating to ERP strategy and forward-thinking pieces on the future of various industries.

Diginomica - Diginomica post articles on digital enterprise, cloud apps and processes, and technological disruptions. With so many articles they cover just about everything ERP related.

Well done to everyone mentioned above and thank you for contributing your expertise! Not only do you get bragging rights for being mentioned, but we have a cool awards badge for you to display too!


If you have an ERP blog that wasn’t mentioned please get in touch with me at and I’ll check it out!

Megan Meade

Megan is the Content Editor at Software Path.

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