What CRM research tells us about selecting a CRM (2019 CRM report)

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What should you expect when selecting a CRM?

Finding the right system can be a difficult process. You need to consider the cost of the CRM, who’ll be using it, the hosting method, what you want to gain from implementing, and more.

That’s why we’ve gathered and analyzed data from 247 selection projects active in the last year in our 2019 CRM report. We’ve spoken to project stakeholders to find out the average cost per user, project timeframes, and hosting methods. Our CRM research provides a comprehensive overview of what selecting software looks like in 2019.

Here is a summary of some of our key findings:

1. The average budget per user for CRM software is $1,800.

The most common question asked about CRM has to be: how much does CRM cost?

Well, according to our recent CRM research, you can expect to pay $1,800 on each user of your system. This figure is the projected total cost per user over a five year period. 

This works out at approximately $360 per user per year or $30 per month per user.

2. On average, 48.97% of employees use a company's CRM system.

According to our CRM report, almost half of a company’s employees use their CRM system on average.

This figure varies more significantly when broken down by company size. The findings show that businesses with less than 50 employees have a much higher percentage of employees using their CRM system. In contrast to this, companies with over 250 employees only had 21.83% of their employees using their CRM system.

From this data, a company with 30 employees would expect to have approximately 20 CRM users in their business. According to our CRM pricing data, they can expect to spend $600 per month or $7,200 per year for their system.

For comparison, a company with 300 employees would have approximately 65 CRM users. The cost of their CRM per month would amount of $1,950 per month or $23,400 per year for their system.

3. On average, companies spend 13 weeks selecting CRM.

The time frame for selecting a CRM is only 13 weeks on average.

The time taken to select a system increases as the company size grows. Companies with more than 250 employees take almost double the amount of time when selecting a system compared to businesses with less than 50 employees.

Read more interesting statistics and read the latest CRM research by downloading the full Software Path 2019 CRM Software Project Report.

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