How much does WMS cost? (2021 edition)

Megan Meade

We’re often asked: how much does WMS cost?

When selecting your WMS system, you want to meet all your requirements, remain within budget, and be sure that your system is going to grow with your business.

It can be difficult to determine what your WMS budget should be.

What should your budget include, does your total cost vary on how many users you have or what features you require?

We’ve taken the latest WMS research from real-life selection projects to share with you how much your WMS should cost.

We’ll start with an example company: company X.

It’s a moderately sized company with 150 employees. Our research shows that businesses of this size typically have 23.8% of employees as users of their WMS system. This means there will be 36 WMS users to account for in their budget. 

On average, 27.93% of employees are WMS users across businesses of all sizes. This number increases as the number of employees decrease as we expect more cross-departmental users in smaller businesses.

We can expect a company to spend $10,000 per user on their WMS system over a five-year period.

This figure accounts for businesses of all sizes.